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EU Study Shows Energy Savings Potential of Thermostatic Radiator Valves

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12th Mar 2018

A new report from the European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac) shows that energy costs for millions of households across the EU (including the UK) could be reduced significantly by upgrading heating systems with basic thermostatic radiator valves (TRV). Heating controls

Intelligent Heating Made Simple With New Danfoss Ecotm

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7th Feb 2018

The second-generation Eco radiator thermostat from Danfoss has arrived. The new Eco provides effortless heating control using the Danfoss Eco App to program individual radiator thermostats via Bluetooth technology. Offering an easy and cost-effective transition to intelligent heating for homes and

Danfoss UK Unites Under One Roof

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2nd Jan 2018

Danfoss is bringing its UK Heating, Cooling and Drives divisions under one roof at a central location just 15 minutes drive from London Heathrow. The company's existing facility at Denham has been completely remodelled and refurbished to create a brand new Customer Service Centre (CSC) and

British Gypsum Launches E-Learning For Builders' Merchants And Distributors

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British Gypsum

7th Dec 2015

British Gypsum is introducing a series of e-learning modules to give builders’ merchants and distributors the information and knowledge they need to advise customers on the correct products and systems to use. Launching in January, the training will provide guidance on using the systems and

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